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SPYTEK is Africa’s leading Surveillance (SPY) and Security Equipment Distributor committed to providing hi-tech surveillance and security intelligence equipment to its customers through the supply of world-class equipment and software products.


Our Sales are focused on: Retail Consumers, Dealers and Government Agencies (Internationally).

Our mission is to be the distributor of choice for our end user customer and our resellers, providing excellent products, technology, service and support and thereby always exceeding their expectations.


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We offer a superior range of audio surveillance equipment – Spy Bugs,  listen in devices/ room sound monitors, sound amplifiers, audio transmitting devices as well as Wireless-Spy-Secret-Service-Earpiece devices.



Spytek offers a range of room, car and /or body worn hidden camera solutions – covert video/ spy cameras / nanny cameras that can be secretly installed within a household or office and can be used secretly to monitor and record any activity in that room where the units have been placed.


CCTV Cameras for home and / or office.

We have various CCTV kits and individual CCTV cameras with CCTV accessories that will satisfy your home and office safety and surveillance needs.

All homes need to be equipped with especially gate CCTV cameras for you and your family safety. Our CCTV cameras and CCTV kits can be viewed live on your Cellphone and / or PC (Remote View). We offer installation, maintenance and advice on what your property needs in line with your safety and budget needs.

Our CCTV packages can be purchased straight out or rented out with minimal monthly payments (Credit Application with Terms and Conditions Apply)


Farm CCTV / Farm Surveillance – 

We have various Farm CCTV / Farm Surveillance solutions that specifically address the needs of a farm. Our Farm CCTV / Farm Surveillance solutions include Solar Powered CCTV Cameras. We also offer Outdoor 3G/4G IP Solar Powered Cameras and various other customisable Farm Security / Farm Surveillance / Farm CCTV Solutions that will suit you and your farm’s needs.




Cellphone surveillance is now a major tool for covert surveillance using the most powerful software applications for remotely monitoring a mobile phone’s complete activities from ANYWHERE in the world.



We have a solid GPS Trackers and Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) Telematics solutions. We feature a number of MDVR Kits DIY and that We Install for you. We also have Vehicle GPS trackers, Portable GPS Trackers, Kid’s GPS Trackers e.g. Watch GPS Locators, ‘Teen Trackers, Vehicle Trackers, Mobile / Car Tracking and Camera Telematics with Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR), Pet Trackers, Luggage trackers and a wide variety of other family safety devices.


Mobile DVR’s (MDVR)


Mobile DVR’s (MDVR) is South Africa are not only becoming very popular but are still a very useful tool to record, view (see live) what is happening inside and/ or outside your vehicle. Our MDVR kits/ standalone units have added features such as 3G/4G Live View Capability, Wifi Capability, Hard Drive Space for Recording, GPS Tracking features that offer live GPS tracking, Downloading history reports of where the vehicle was, Setting Geo-Fence and much more.




Do you feel like you’re being watched? Think your office or house might be bugged? Don’t leave anything to chance, find out – NOW. A detector is a very important piece of equipment which will allow you to stay one step ahead of spying ears and prying eyes. Discover and Remove all types of bugs.





Self defence products are a must for any female, teenager and the elderly. We have lipstick pepper sprays, Stun guns, stun batons, metal detectors, fingerprint door locks and much more.





We provide expert Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), Bug Sweeps,    Wiretap Detection, Computer Security, and Technical skills.  We also offer highly confidential, superior private investigation services ranging from matrimonial services, corporate services and other investigative services.




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