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Telephone/ Fax Tap Defeat Pro

Telephone/ Fax Tap Defeat Pro

This telephone/fax tap defeat is very sophisticated and is designed to defeat any wiretap or bug that may have been wired to your phone line. Setting up will take a matter of a few minutes, after which you can plug the unit into any socket on your telephone line, (it doesn’t necessarily have to be the one you’re using).

By moving the switch from safe to unsafe position you can control whether to have the offending bugging device on or off. This means that you could give misleading information whilst the unit is in the unsafe position. This device will also defeat any voice activated phone recorders by sending constant pulses of noise along the line. This would ensure that the recorder would carry on running until end of tape. This unit has an LCD line condition display and LED’s to indicate the setting mode.

Features: Turn on or off any wiretap or bug, any phone recorder controlled by line voltage or any phone recorder controlled by voice activation.

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